A series of landscape that explore the Utopian ideal of the English landscape image.  It is how I see it in contemporary Britain. It is a failed Utopia.

The recent referendum on leaving the European Union used the rhetoric and image of a Utopian Britain as a metaphor to exploit the concerns and anxieties of modern life in the UK. Interested parties played upon an idealistic Britain that in reality never existed. This image was rooted in an flawed and sense of "Albion" that and has evolved in more recent times from the 1980's and Thatcherism, through the Major premiership (The return of "Victorian values") up to the legitimate rise of right wing agendas as represented by Ukip and Nigel Farage. In this series of works I aim to explore the realty of the Utopian landscape and its flawed and complex realities.


Following Ships Until The End Of Their Journey



The Centre Of Things, Where I Stand, Is Not Where I Belong 



How We Are What We Are